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“When Butter Met Sugar” was born out of a love for baking and a passion for making people happy. It was the winter of 1989 where now confection connoisseur, Cheryl Leong, would have her first taste of what was to come.


Cheryl recounts her special moment. “I remember helping my mom make her infamous Chocolate Crinkle cookies.  My mom would scoop the rich chocolate cookie dough out onto a plate and let my sister and I roll them into perfect little spheres. When we finished rolling we dropped the cookies into pillow-like mounds of powdered sugar and watched as a delicate white puff would form in the air. I loved everything about that moment - how my little palms became sticky from the chocolate dough, how the room became filled with a rich and inviting aroma, and most of all how I could be apart of creating something special for our family and friends.


“I sat by the oven intently watching the cookies bake.  It was magical seeing the rich chocolate cookie emerge from the white snow caps, forming beautiful randomly crackled black and white tops. Completely absorbed in watching the cookies, I was snapped back into reality once I heard the “ding” of the timer.”


“Finally, they’re done!” she yelled in excitement.


Letting it cool quickly “I ecstatically took the warm cookie into my hands and took my first bite.  Delightful, chewy rich chocolaty goodness was mine. I fell in love and never wanted to look back.”


Since then, it has always been Cheryl’s lifelong dream to share her love of baking with all of those around her. To Cheryl, Baking IS love.  Driven by a want to share that same blissfulness she experienced in her first sweet moments, she has made it her mission to share that feeling with all of those near and around her, friends and family alike. Hoping that all can create and eventually reminisce on those blissful moments as she does.   

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