Exhibition review | 2021 FBIF , Damin explore new incremental and innovation growth! Open a new chapter of healthy and innovative food!

2021 FBIF hold in Hangzhou International Expo Center from June 30th to July 2nd, 2021. Damin was inv...
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Review | Damin attented exhibition of HNC 2021, debut marine ecological application productsits

The 12th International Health Products Exhibition China / Natural and Nutritional Products Exhibitio...
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Damin debut FIC2021, open the healthy consumption outbreak era new opportunities

2021 FIC was held in National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from June 8 to 10, 2021.
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Our Honor

Rated as "top ten leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization"
Obtained the certificate of intellectual property management system
Obtained "food industry enterprise integrity management system certificate"
Received Country "High-tech Enterprise" Certification again
It was awarded "Fujian outstanding contribution enterprise for the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up"
Was awarded "May 1 Labor Award of Fujian Province"
Winning the Coca-Cola Excellent Performance Award 2018
Sri Lanka black tea won the silver award of "2019 world black tea product quality selection activity"
The Ninth Batch of Innovative Enterprises in Fujian Province
Acquired "National Herbal Plant Processing Technology Research and Development Professional Center"
Obtain "National Key Leading Enterprises of Agricultural Industrialization"
Recognition of National High-tech Enterprises
Acquire "International Famous Brand Focused on Fostering and Developing in Fujian Province"
Obtain "Top Ten Enterprise Brands of Agricultural Products Processing Industry in 2018"
Approved and funded by Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department, Haixi Tea Deep Processing Institute, a major research and development institution, was introduced.
It was named "Benchmarking Enterprise of Plant Natural Extract Production in Fujian Province" in 2016-2019.
"Laboratory Accreditation Certificate" of China National Accreditation Club of Qualification Assessment
Recognition through "Fujian Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises"
It is recognized as the "Eighth Round of Key Leading Enterprises of Agricultural Industrialization at the Provincial Level in Fujian Province"
"Research and Application Demonstration of Tea Resources Value-added Processing Technology" Project won the second prize of Fujian Science and Technology Progress
He was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award for Economic Construction in Longwen District in 2015.
"Research Project on Aroma Recovery in Instant Tea Powder Processing" won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress in 2014
Was awarded the title of "Top Ten Tea Enterprises of the 16th Flower Expo"
"Efficient Utilization of Summer and Autumn Tea and Creation and Industrialization of New Instant Tea Products" won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award
"Damin" has been recognized as a well-known enterprise name in Fujian Province
Mr. Jiang Aiqing, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was awarded the "China Beverage Enterprise Management Achievement Award for 20 Years"
Acquired the title of "Famous Trademark of Fujian Province"
Acquired the title of "Haixi Industrial Talents Highland"
"Processing Technology of Instant Tea" won the second prize of "Science and Technology Invention Award of China Light Industry Federation"
Get the title of "Fujian Famous Brand Products"
Acquired the title of "Advanced Collective of Scientific and Technological Innovation in Light Industry in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan"
Achieved "Key Leading Enterprises of Agricultural Products at Provincial Level" in 2011-2015
Award for Excellent Supplier of Beverage Industry in China
Acquired the title of "2010 Fujian Advanced Quality Management Enterprise"
Obtained the title of "National Food Safety Demonstration Unit"
Obtained the Outstanding Projects of Production, Education and Research of "Blue Fire Plan" in Zhangzhou City
Awarded the Second Prize of Fujian Patent
Awarded the Third Prize for Technical Invention in Fujian Province
Get the title of "Upgrading Enterprise Engineering Technology Center"
Obtained the title of "Demonstration Base of Technology Transfer in Food Industry"
Acquired the title of "Advanced Enterprise of Accessory Quality Management"
Obtained the title of "Demonstration Base of Technology Transfer in Food Industry"
Winning the Third Prize of the Science and Technology Award of the Chinese Tea Society
Acquired the title of "Advanced Quality Management Enterprise in Fujian Province"
Acquired the title of "Top 100 Tea Enterprises in China"
Winning the Second Prize of Science and Technology in Fujian Province
Obtained the title of "China Food Safety Demonstration Unit"
Chairman Jiang Aiqing was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award of China's Beverage Industry in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening-up
Acquired the title of "Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization in Fujian Province"
Acquired the title of "Fujian talent-intensive and technology-intensive enterprise"
Establishment of postdoctoral research workstation approved by the Ministry of Personnel
Achieved the title of "Recommended Brand of Tea Association of China Sanlu Project"
Become the Comprehensive Demonstration Base for the Application of Key Food Safety Technologies in the Tenth Five-Year Plan of the National Major Science and Technology Project